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Goldilocks Panto at St. Agnes’, Jan 8th to 10th 2016

Introducing the cast of GOLDILOCKS & THE THREE BEARS - the story of the Three Bears as you have never heard it before

Shows  Fri Jan 8th at 7:30, Sat 9th at 4 pm and Sun 10th 12 noon and 4 pm  - book online at www.stagnesmusiccrumlin.com or call 087 2740186

Sadie Spangle, mother of Goldilocks and owner of the Spangle Circus - RAPHAEL KELLY

Benjamin Black, owner of the rival Black Circus, and an old flame of Sadie's - JUDE BLANKSON

Joey Wizzbang, the clown - CHRIS TALLON

Goldilocks, who dearly loves animals - JACINTA BROWN

Ronnie the Ringmaster, who dearly loves Goldilocks - GEOFFREY McMASTER

Petra the Gypsy, who fancies Ronnie the Ringmaster - LINDA McGEE

Father Bear, who dearly loves honey - MARK O'FLAHERTY

Mother Bear, who dearly loves Father Bear, Baby Bear and honey - ROSE LYONS

Baby Bear, who dearly loves honey and mischief - DAVID LINDSAY

Belinda the fairy godmother who loves everyone but makes dreadful mistakes - DENISE DONOHOE

and including

Clowns, Gypsies, a Gorilla, (CARL, JOSEPH, SAMI, AUGUSTAS, ROSE McG, MARGARET, MARY and the fabulous and unforgettable Goldi-Lockets including Aaliyah, Caitlin, Erin, Hannah, Juliyah, Kaylaigh, Leanne, Naoise, Nini, Sophie, Zoe

O when the clowns

come marching in,

O when the clowns come marching in,

O then we all put on red noses,

When the clowns come marching in!


Who stole the honey? Was the icecream really poisoned? What was the secret of the Magic Pool? And who got married at the end? To find out the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, you'd better come down to the woods yourselves (disguises optional).