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International Music Council President Emily Achieng’ Akuno Congratulates Carl Jones, Sr Bernadette Sweeney and Seamus Doyle on the award.

The award is presented by Silvina Munich of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers (CISAC)

Sr Bernadette Sweeney addresses the participants thanking the IMC for the award and underlining the value of music in our lives today.

Carl Jones takes part in a panel discussion at the World Forum Music about music access. Pictured with discussion moderater Sonja Greiner, Secretary General of the European Choral Association.

28th September 2019

International Music Council, World Forum on Music

Scoil Úna Naofa Violin and Orchestra Project receives World Music Rights Award

The St. Agnes’ music project are very proud to have won this prestigious award, from the UNESCO founded body, the International Music Council, after nominations from the Irish Association of Youth Orchestras, and the European Orchestras Foundation.

The award was presented in Paris at the IMC World Forum on Music.

In introducing the award winners, BOZAR Centre of Fine Arts Head of Artistic Policy Development Anna Vondracek said that we need more projects like the winners of today’s award.

Silvina Munich, chair of the jury said that while many projects nominated were really fantastic, this project was truly outstanding, building bridges through all generations in the community.

In accepting the award Sr Bernadette Sweeney said that this is a celebration of all humanity - the right of every human being to have access to music and to enjoy it.

The audience were shown a video featuring the St. Agnes’ Summer Camp, illustrating the inter generational aspect of the work.

The forum continued with talks and disucssions, including a panel discussion on right no. 3, access to music. Moderated by Sonja Griener the panel included Mariam Obange, (Kenya) Arthur Gill (Pakistan), Maria Claudia Parias (Colombia) and Carl Jones (St. Agnes’ Chamber Orchestra, Crumlin). Carl spoke about the central place of music in his life and the importance of access for all young people regardless of financial circumstances.

IMC Announcement of Scoil Úna Naofa Violin and Orchestra Project as winners of the award