November 12th 2016 - 10th Anniversary of

St. Agnes’ Music Project

Benjamin Britten

Noah’s Flood

Noye’s Fludde Opus 59

We are looking forward to this production involving all our brightest talent of all ages, with participation ranging from instrumental, vocal, craftwork of all kinds and all that goes with putting on a performance of this kind. Keep an eye on our site as we update you with the latest developments and all you need to know about our Noah’s Flood 2016.


Go to the ‘Noah Log’ to keep up with the latest preparations.

The Ark is really taking shape and school childrens’ art gallery looking great.More>>

Benjamin Britten

Britten wrote ‘Noye’s Fludde’ in 1958 as a work that would include people from throughout the community, and as well as small number of professional level singers and instrumentalists, he gives key roles to younger artists also. The animals are all played by children…

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Go to School Art page for latest artwork depicting Noah and the Ark. >>

Noah Artwork on this site;

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